July Totals and Mystery Item

Here are the July 2018 Totals: Volunteers - 18 Recyclables - 51lbs Trash - 47lbs Compost - .5lbs Reusable - .5lbs Tires/Bulk - 13lbs Cigarettes - 74 🤢 

Thanks to those of you who forewent a few hours of summer fun to help with the clean-up. . . summer months are a hard draw - I personally wanted to be watching the World Cup ⚽ and Wimbeldon 🎾 finals, so I totally get it. . . luckily all of the efforts to date have had such a tremendous impact that we are actually able to pickup items washed up rather than just left behind!  We are quickly approaching the busiest time of the year at Tunitas as "June Gloom" burns off and we hit our Indian Summer, so if you can join in Aug-Nov we'd love to have you!  

Anyone know what this might be?

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