November clean-up totals (& October)

Here are the November totals:

Volunteers - 31 Recyclables - 193lbs (137lbs was glass!) Trash - 143.5lbs Compost - n/a Reusable - 4lbs Tires - 25.5lbs Cigarettes - 178 🤢 

Thanks to all the volunteers today who worked hard cleaning up the South Entrance lot. . . it's not as glamorous as down on the beach, but was long overdue and you made a huge impact!  

October was quiet with only a few of us able to make it out, but the North side trail and beach look great!  The South side is another story. . .

Here are the October totals:

(sorry for the delay) Volunteers - 8 Recyclables - 100lbs Trash - 40.5lbs Compost - n/a Reusable - n/a Tires - 33lbs Cigarettes - 273 🤢 

I didn't know Tunitas had a Beach Barbershop. . .

Can you count all the cigarettes in this photo?

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