CA Coastal Clean-up Totals

Here are the totals: Volunteers - 124 !!! Recyclables - 716lbs Trash - 647lbs Compost - 23.5lbs Reusable - 12lbs Tires - 30lbs Cigarettes - 127 🤢

We had an INCREDIBLE turnout at Tunitas Creek Beach! A whopping 124 volunteers! Special thanks to State Parks, the Sherrifs Dept and San Mateo County reps who came out to help and support the effort. Also a special thanks to the local LDS church group who made up nearly half our volunteers, the Boy Scout and Girl Scout kids who helped and as always Heirs to Our Oceans who continue to be steadfast advocates for combating ocean pollution. We loved having you set-up a table to educate and raise awareness!

Tunitas is at a turning point with the County making tremendous strides in the process of taking it over as a county park. We're excited about the months and year to come!

If you have photos from today's clean-up, please email them to or #tlclocals on Instagram. We'd love to see them and share to our CCCD 2017 album!

Thanks again for doing your part!

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