meanwhile...back at Tunitas...

Here are the totals: Volunteers - 31 Recyclables - 210lbs

Trash - 101lbs Compost - 11lbs Misc/Reusable - 63.5lbs

Tires - 26

Cigarettes - 97 🤢

It was so great to be back at Tunitas!  Waaay more work, but you know you're making an IMPACT.  We had a great group from Heirs to our Oceans with their dads (Happy Father's Day!), some 'drive-by' participants and some volunteers from Rakuten who made the trek over the hill. 

Thanks to all our volunteers again for their hard work and dedication, see y'all next month!   Check out our Instagram for more photos and if you have any images to share #TLClocals #takesavillage #kuleanakakou  

#TLClocals #TLClocals #kuleanakakou #TLClocals #takesavillage #HeirstoourOceans #TunitasCreekBeach #Rakuten

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