'MAY we be of service' totals for San Gregorio Beach 5/21/17

Here are the totals: Volunteers - 11

Recyclables - 56.5lbs Trash - 61.5lbs Compost - 4lbs Misc/Reusable - 23lbs Cigarettes - 169 🤢

Thanks to our small, but productive group this month!  A couple of the caves on the beach were full of bottles, left over food and diapers. . . lots and lots of diapers today - blech. 💩 Also lots and lots of styrofoam plates!  Nothing too unusual, but there were a half dozen unused butternut/spaghetti squash in a bush off the highway, so that was new.  Thanks to all our volunteers again, see y'all next month back at Tunitas!!! Check out our Instagram for more photos and if you have any images to share #TLClocals #takesavillage #kuleanakakou 

#TLClocals #TLClocals #kuleanakakou #TLClocals #takesavillage #HeirstoourOceans #SanGregorioBeach

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