Thanks to all our Volunteers for a successful clean-up today!

Here are the totals:

Volunteers - 38

Recyclables - 43lbs

Trash - 34.5lbs

Compost - 3.7lbs

Signs/Furniture/Tires - 72lbs

Cigarettes - 357 🤢

It was a great day aaand I can definitely feel we've been off for 4 months - sooo not in "beach body" form.  Lol!  Awesome group of volunteers from Heirs to Our Oceans, Harker School, PBC and some locals!

Definitely felt the difference from our normal Tunitas clean-ups which can be so high volume and often overwhelming.  Still lots of trash, but a refreshing change at San Gregorio.  See you all next month!

Will post photos in the next couple of days. . . if you have any images to share #TLClocals #takesavillage #kuleanakakou

#TLClocals #PacificaBeachCoalition #SanGregorioBeach #TLClocals #kuleanakakou #TLClocals #takesavillage

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