Thank You for a successful CA Coastal Clean-Up Day!!!

Tunitas Creek Beach Totals

Trash Volume: 1,440 Gallons

Recycle Volume: 114 Gallons

Trash Weight: est. 1,240 lbs

Recycle Weight: est. 140 lbs

Volunteers: 22

Most unusual items: 1) Backpack full of crabs; 2) High End glass grinder full of Roly Polys; 3) full bottle of laundry detergent; 4) Cake box w/ cake

Thank you all for coming out and just totally rockin' it at one of the most challenging clean-ups in the area! Hope to see you all again! Special THANKS to New Leaf in HMB for their generous donation of bananas and snacks to keep the crew going and to Hassett Ace Hardware for their years worth of bag, glove, and sanitizer donations last summer - you kept the clean-ups going all year (and we are just about out of bags, so hopefully you can keep us going another year. . .) and to the County and PBC for their continued support. THANKS!!!

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