The TLClocals HEARTspace was envisioned in 2017, but will finally launch in 2020.  It will be a digital and physical classroom, bringing knowledge and opportunity to those who may not otherwise have access due to financial barriers, impairment or hardship.


HEARTspace will include classes, interviews and webinars in Health, Environment, Art, Resource and Technology.  They are designed to promote well being, self sufficiency and help people make conscious choices that will improve life for themselves, their families and communities.  Classes will be free or donation only to allow access for all.  


Our 1st digital class launched on Monday, June 12th 2017.

You can subscribe to our You Tube channel to find out more.

We have plans for Healthy Eating, Sustainable Living, Art and Photography, Insurance, Tech Classes and more!!  If you are interested in teaching a digital class or have suggestions on offerings please 'share some aloha' below.