TLClocals is a community movement that believes in total transparency.

You should know where EVERY donation penny is going.


All general donations are added to the General Project Fund and are fully tax deductible.  Business Boosters 25% donations and profits from TLClocals promotional sales go into the Sustainability Fund and are also tax deductible minus item cost.  Project Partner in-kind donations or monetary project specific donations are used for their designated projects ONLY.  For questions email 


Being a movement in its infancy - we are fully volunteer based and all officers donate their time to keep us going.  It is our future goal to be able to manage TLClocals in a full time capacity, with minimal essential staff drawing a capped and agreed upon salary by ALL contributing members.  At such time, salaries will be drawn specifically from the Sustainability Fund whose contributions come strictly from Business Boosters, promotional sales, sustainability campaigns and capacity building grants.


(coming soon) Click below to view our financials to date:

(transactions are updated every 72hrs)

TLClocals financials